Coding Experiments


Various coding experiments working with

motion and type.

Golden Ratio 

Motion Sketch

This is a P5JS sketch, and plays with the concept of motion and symmetry. This code uses the golden ratio to create a synchronous, wave like, and pleasing visual graphic. 



Using HTML Pug and CSS, this tutorial taught me how to integrate gifs, polygon text objects, and keyframe animations. Hover over the bubbles to check it out! 


Branding & Identity 


This is a generative shifting logo that

was created with P5JS, and is part of a branding identity for MOKQA Coffee Roasting Co. Each block in the grid is created with 42 randomized circles, and built into a 3x3 grid. The differing  colors correspond with the different flavor profiles of coffee. See below for the

code and more about the project. 

ZINE Design 

Printing Code

Printing Code is a generative zine made amid the Stay At Home orders of COVID-19 back in March of 2020. I wanted to encapsulate the repetition and mood of the quarantine life, and the universal feeling this pandemic created. The zine was made with HTML/CSS/P5JS, printed and bound. .See below for the source code and more about the project.