Rocky Mountain Gin


Packaging Design 

The project consisted of creating an identity and accompanying packaging

for a gin-based on your hometown. Rocky Mountain Gin is distilled from the spring waters in the high rockies and infused with juniper berries wild from the summits. With a spiced, smooth soul, Rocky Mountain Gin embodies the adventurous, mystic, and rustic style of Colorado.


Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 1.50.07 AM.png

Branding & Packaging Design

MOKQA is a modern coffee roasting house, with a fun, vibrant and eye catching design that highlights the brand’s core values. The brand identity and packaging concept I designed for this coffee company was focused on the target audience: busy and woke young millennials who value coffee as much as they do creativity and design. The design concept is based on the insight that coffee’s main purpose is to awaken the senses and to keep you alert and focused throughout the day. 

Mean Mr Mustard


Branding & Packaging Design 

How can a local, home brewery stand out on a crowded, craft beer shelf? Mean Mr. Mustard offers a taste of rich, energetic, and bitter flavors to liven up any situation.  This powerful and bitter craft brewery is not afraid to be brash, unconventional, and loud. This is translated through the colorful, and richly illustrated labels and designs for the brand, as well as the powerful and full flavors/types of beer. 

What NY Is Built On


Branding & Identity Campaign

This is a campaign that I developed to promote both the environmental and financial benefits of industrial soil reuse within the city. The two audiences were both the public of NYC and architects/contractors. This campaign focuses on the proud, industrial, and innovative culture that is in New York City, and the importance of the soil we built our foundation on.